WARNING! Never walk or stand while using your Soakees.

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They make you feel and look better almost instantly. There are many wonderful concoctions and solutions on the market to help you have lovely soft, healthy feet ... feet that are worthy of the slinkiest sling back or fanciest flip flop. From Epsom Salts, to Listerine and Vinegar, Castile Soaps, Herbs and Plants, and pumice stones, all these products start with a good soak!

The safest place for your pedicure is at home. And, the most sanitary way to soak your feet for that pedicure is with Soakees.

So, gather your Soakees and all your needs for a nice relaxing time. Relax in front of the television, computer, with a good book or just listening to the right meditation music. Bring your towels, lotions, potions and products; you won’t want to be getting up.

Call your friends, have them bring their favorite colors of nail polish and their very own Soakees and have a Pedicure Party!

Add about 3-4 cups of warm water to the light weight and easy to carry, foot shaped individual Soakees and just relax... it’s the first step to any beautiful foot regimen.