WARNING! Never walk or stand while using your Soakees.

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Modern foot bathing dates from ancient China where Chinese physicians provided cures based on the belief that three core meridians (Liver, spleen, and Kidney) began in the toes. A Floor Tub needs 3 gallons of water weighing 25 pounds to be effective - Soakees only needs 3 CUPS of water - 2 pounds - and you can use them anywhere anytime and anyplace. Naturopathic medicine routinely includes foot soaking in its therapies.  Foot soaking is used not only for health but for beauty, such as pedicures, as well.

Unfortunately, foot bathing is tedious and challenging in our modern hectic life.  Between heavy pots and pans, unsanitary environments, and just plain constraints of time, few people soak their feet as they should for their health and well-being.

Soakees are like no other product in the world. They allow you to quickly enjoy the most relaxing foot soak you have ever had without the mess, bother, or safety involved in other methods.